Farmgirl Personal Chef Services

Always Organic, Always Fresh

After several years of catering full-time I am embarking on a new adventure. I will use this blog to document my transition into Personal Chef Services. I’m excited and nervous. I know how to cook and deliver yummy food to dozens or even hundreds of people, how to create menus that inspire me, to shop for these events utilizing all the awesome resources within my community and feel like I’m still creating a personal connection with those I’m working for and with, which is good, but I’ve been missing a more intimate working relationship when working with clients. Big parties and corporate luncheons are exciting and intense, I’ve missed the days of serving my clients at Teen Kitchen Project, one at a time, when we first started it years ago. How I’d think about someone specifically, what he or she needed, what they were going through and then go on to make them a meal that I knew was contributing to them feeling stronger, healthier and happier.

To give in this way is what I was meant to do, nurturing and support through my cooking. The adventure is scary too because doing anything new is scary. Life is short, I’m jumping in with two feet!!

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